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Issue 169

November 15, 2017


Product & Design



No More ‘Dark Posts’: Facebook to Reveal All Ads

Facebook is going to expose ALL creatives for any advertiser, which fundamentally changes competitive intelligence on FB + Instagram for the better (I think?) going forward. It's unclear to me exactly how this will work but, regardless, it will be a game changer. Shout to Adam Hadi for the find.




How to Detect and Fight Back Against Ad Fatigue

A guest post from Andrew of Social Fulcrum on the Reforge blog on fighting ad fatigue in paid (with a particular focus on FB). It's relatively high level but there are some good tips that jumped out to me (ex: keep an eye on your geo level segmentation and potentially filter out DMAs if they are getting hit too hard).


A Case Study from AdQuick – the Future of OOH Buying?

I had the opportunity to chat with Matt a few weeks ago. He's the CEO of AdQuick and the author of this post. AdQuick is a really cool new startup in the OOH space that I've previously included in this newsletter. They are trying to make OOH buying smarter by aggregating supply online, and by adding logical functionality on top (in this case study they explain how they used a text short code to measure efficacy for Orange Theory). They are scaling currently focused primarily on LA, but they are growing nationally. I bet they will be huge in a few years’ time.


Top 16 Facebook Ad Design Trends of 2017

A good summary of FB ad trends. Some of these are obviously worth trying if you haven't already (ex: lists in ad copy, super long form ad copy).

I personally think the 9th point ("Selling Content") is the biggest and most impactful opportunity for paid FB.  


Facebook Messenger Lets Games Monetize with Purchases and Ads

Monetization has arrived. I'm a semi-regular player of Zynga's Words With Friends on Messenger and I've been hit with an interstitial or two already. I still think this is a mega growth channel for casual gaming (and potentially more) but I have run into some far better-informed people who are pretty down on the category. We shall see!


Product & Design


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