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Issue 130

February 15, 2017

Mobile Apps

Engagement Benchmarks by Category by Appsflyer

It requires completing a lead form, but it's worth it. There is a ton of data here — including Day 1 / 7 / 30 retention rates by category, install > purchaser rates, differences in retention between platforms, organic vs. nonorganic, etc. At 60 pages, it's a wall of useful information.


Can Anyone Share Their Experiences With Facebook Targeting Expansion?

Cezary Pietrzak posted about FB's opt-in targeting expansion in the Google Group a few days ago, and it wasn't something I had ever noticed before. I went back and checked, and confirmed that everything I am running is opted-in — so clearly I just missed this entirely. I've included this article in case anyone else wasn't fully aware of this and in the hopes that someone might point to me a study / research about the impact of having their ad groups opted-in vs. opted-out.FACEBOOK.COM


FYI — As of March 14, Google Will Roll All Cross-Device Conversions Into the Main Conversions Column

This was announced in the summer of 2016 but I just received an official notice on my account this week. If you use the Google conversion reporting (aka their pixel) you can expect a bump in mid-March, as they will be folding in the cross-device conversions as well. And, how many of the cross device conversions might also be counted by Facebook or another network's 30 day post click conversion pixel... who knows?GOOGLE.COM

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