Issue 116

November 9, 2016

Mobile Apps


New Community Focused on Web & Mobile Web Growth + Retention

We recently set up a few new moderated Google Groups to complement our original group for those in the mobile apps space, as well as a new Slack group for real-time chat with other marketers and product folks. If you are working on a web + mobile web centric funnel / product we'd love to have you join.

As always, membership to our communities is by application only, as we keep them "vendor" free. Right now the Web & Mobile Web group has ~100 members and is just getting started.


A Reasonably Clever Approach to Lift Testing for Video Ads

This is basically a paid post from TubeMogul, but in spite of that it is an interesting approach to measuring video for a DR brand ( is the example here). Essentially, they have a pooled group of advertisers (10+) from which they pull placebo ads (aka the control group). That way they aren't "wasting" spend on a PSA ad or some other generic creative but they can still see the relative impact of their exposed group to the control. Pretty smart.ADEXCHANGER.COM

Product & Design

34 UX Myths

A list of 34 "myths" with research and findings that challenge prevailing wisdom. My personal favorite: Myth #9, "Design has to be original".UXMYTHS.COM

Product Management 2.0: A Growth Story

How one PM at Firefox applied a growth oriented process to his PM role. Admittedly, he almost lost me with the start of first sentence ("After 4 years of doing growth hacking"), but I think it is a thoughtful post overall.MEDIUM.COM
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