Issue 123

December 28, 2016

Mobile Apps


“We Tested 48 Facebook Ads to Bust 6 Marketing Myths”

SketchDeck (a scaleable, on demand design agency/service that I hadn't heard of prior to reading this post) ran a number of FB ad tests and applied reasonable statistical rigor when analyzing the results. Obviously the title of this thread is a bit click bait-y, but they did run some tests with interesting results. The gist of the post is that there are few truisms and that performance creatives can sometimes behave a bit randomly, which is a perspective I increasingly have adopted as my own.SKETCHDECK.COM

Google Claims 99% Accuracy on Store Visits Data, Plus Some Other GDN Talking Points

This is a PSA article from a performance person at GDN answering a few commonly asked questions. The answer to the 5th one caught my attention. They are claiming that their surveying has shown their store visit data to be 99% accurate (some limited supporting evidence in this white paper.) Now they aren't making any claims here about the precision with much they can measure incrementally, but that 99% is still a stunning number on it's own (to me, at least).MARKETINGLAND.COM

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