Issue 125

January 11, 2017

Mobile Apps

Mobile Advertising Trends in Emerging Markets by Jana

This is a white paper from the Jana team. For context, Jana's mCent app allows users to download apps for free without incurring data costs. If you are planning campaigns in emerging markets this is worth a read as it has some solid stats. A few of the highlights for me:

  • 2/3 of smartphone users in India and Indonesia use ad blocking browsers
  • A breakdown by country for smartphone penetration amongst mobile phone users: 47% for Mexico, 37% Indonesia, 38% Brazil, India 26%
  • A list of the top 10 free apps in Indonesia, Brazil, India, and Mexico country with YouTube at #1 or #2 in each


Facebook’s Retargeted Ads Broadened to Include Rivals’ Site, Page Audiences

As far as I can tell, FB has updated dynamic ads so that you can target "interests and intent". One (of many) of the signals of intent will be the end user's behavior on other sites or apps that FB is tracking. You can opt out of participation only by removing Facebook's pixel outright. I haven't seen any official FB blog post on this yet but there are a few stories out there that summarize the same press release, and in this case I chose the MarketingLand option.

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