Issue 132

March 1, 2017

Mobile Apps

App Event Optimization and Facebook Interest Targeting Pack a Great One, Two Punch

Optimizing for app events on FB is clearly effective. Appnique's goal is to make interesting targeting on TOP of AEO campaigns actually logistically viable. That way you can expand beyond simple lookalikes. This blog post links to a full downloadable PDF that goes into more detail on how they actually do that. The Appnique folks gave me a demo of the full product a few months ago and it was genuinely cool and very different than what I usually hear about scaling FB. I'm a fan.BLOG.APPNIQUE.COM

Benchmark Data on Video Campaigns on Vungle

This requires a lead form completion. Still, there are a few interesting pages here (namely 7-12). They aggregated data by app category including overall CTRs & CVRs, and a breakdown for rewarded vs. non-rewarded ads which was particularly interesting.VUNGLE.COM

Data on Emoji usage from Leanplum

This ALSO requires a form fill. I'm sorry. Emoji usage increased 163% in 2016, and those campaigns had a 4.51% push notification open rate versus 2.44% for standard campaigns (and I believe those is are stats blending Android and iOS data).LEANPLUM.COM


Product & Design

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