Issue 133

March 8, 2017

Mobile Apps

Facebook Resurrects Atlas As A Media Attribution and Reach Tool

Theoretically Atlas could transcend apps/web/mobile web, and for that reason I put this article at the top of the newsletter this week. This article covers this announcement on the FB blog. I'd love to hear folks' experience with this and, for those of you at FB is reading this, I'm sure our broader group members would love to have the opportunity to ask questions about how this works given the announcement is relative light on details..ADEXCHANGER.COM


How One Viral Publisher Uses Facebook Groups to Grow Big Numbers

I love when these spam and/or arb guys get interviewed and are expected to give answers like a "real" media company. The following passage elicited an actual laugh from me: "Visiting a Blasting News article can be a bracing experience, with content confined to a narrow well, hemmed in by in-banner video, multiple display ads, several Taboola widgets. A site redesign is coming later this year."DIGIDAY.COM
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