Issue 134

March 15, 2017

Mobile Apps

Taboola Is Now Letting Marketers Run Mobile App Download Campaigns

Taboola & Outbrain have massive scale on the mobile web and they have almost zero penetration into the mobile app ecosystem. That can't last forever. Taboola is now (finally?) integrated with Tune, Adjust, AppsFlyer and Kochava.

The big question I have about the channel is: will they create placements/ad units that are app-focused (like that of Kixer) or are they going to keep a consistent format for app and web ads? If they keep a consistent ad format I think it is going to be quite challenging to make a click->app store flow work, and, instead, it is more likely that a click->content piece->app store funnel will be the most common path to success. 

I've been thinking about this space a ton of late and running a few experiments and if anyone wants to share notes I'd be happy to! I also will be sharing learnings as I get them via our groups.



Does PPV Pop Traffic Still Work?

This is a glimpse into the proper affiliate/arb space. PPV = pay per view, and while the term can apply to basically any display medium generally speaking it covers pop under traffic. According to this author and contrary to popular opinion PPV is still a viable channel and "you can still make a hell of a living off of PPV."


Yahoo’s State of Native Report & Infographic

Yahoo is making Gemini (their native network) a huge focus as evidenced by this report. Much like OB & TB, there is a ton of scale on Gemini and some advertisers I've talked to have made it work in a major way. still gets a ton of high quality traffic and Gemini is the best way to tap into it.

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