Issue 136

March 29, 2017

Product & Design


FTC Staff Reminds Influencers and Brands to Clearly Disclose Relationship

"The letters also noted that when multiple tags, hashtags, or links are used, readers may just skip over them, especially when they appear at the end of a long post – meaning that a disclosure placed in such a string is not likely to be conspicuous. Some of the letters addressed particular disclosures that are not sufficiently clear, pointing out that many consumers will not understand a disclosure like '#sp,' 'Thanks [Brand],' or '#partner' in an Instagram post to mean that the post is sponsored."


Product & Design


Whitepaper: How Not to Lose Any Mobile Moment by Using One Platform for Analytics and Engagement, From Clevertap

CleverTap is increasingly making their presence felt in the CRM space in the US. In this whitepaper they focus on the efficacy of a behavioral segmentation strategy that is based on all of your available in-app event data. The core thesis here is that segmentation strategies should look beyond the overly simplistic (ex: non-purchaser and purchase segments) into user's micro-behavior so as not to lose any opportunity for a conversion. Fair warning that this does require a download!



AdWords on Their “Data-Driven Attribution” Model

DDA is a very new product and one Google is touting in this blog post. If you are familiar with attribution vendors generally (like Convertro, VisualIQ etc) then a lot of this will be very familiar, it's just that in this case the attribution model is built directly into AdWords and is used to directly dictate bids.

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