Issue 136

March 29, 2017

Product & Design

The Art Of The Conference

Shamanth Rao (VP Growth at FreshPlanet, perennial favorite at MAU Vegas) has been making these pretty cool podcasts detailing the stories behind different companies working in and around growth marketing.

This week's episode featured our co-founder Jay, and is an good listen if you're at all interested in the in-person events space.



Singular &’s State of the Industry: Digital Marketing Measurement 2018

I had the opportunity to partner with Singular to put together a survey and the resulting report on measurement in digital (with a particular focus on mobile).

The headline here for me is "on average marketers utilize 17 marketing tools and services to run their digital marketing campaigns." If you are interested in checking out the report you get it for free with a form submit.


Product & Design


Less Than Four Months Remain Until MAU Vegas 2018

MAU Vegas returns April 25-26, 2018!

We have hundreds of leading brands already registered to attend — including Poshmark, Seatgeek, A&E Networks, Scopely, Capital One, Easy Taxi, Adidas, Rent the Runway and many more. 

We have a limited number of complimentary VIP tickets for marketers working with brands and apps of a certain scale, so apply to attend asap to see if you qualify.


App and Game Developers Have Only 60 Days to Comply with the New Google Play User Privacy Guidelines

"If the app indeed handles personal user data or device data for the original purpose of the app, it will require the app to prompt users and provide its own privacy policy in the app. Otherwise, the app must highlight how the user data will be used and get user consent for such use."

This seems like a relatively big deal... especially as "Google will show a warning on apps or websites that collect private data without getting the user's consent."

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