Issue 138

April 12, 2017


2017 Mobile Marketing Guide for CMOs From YouAppi

The perfect guide to forward to a CEO or CMO, particularly at a consumer-facing brand. It is honestly incredible to me how quickly video became the predominant creative medium for mobile apps in particular. This report confirms that observation and more multiple times over.


Facebook Adds Email Signup & Page Like Call-To-Action Buttons to Instant Articles

I've seen brands drive traffic from FB (and Outbrain and Taboola) to content on third party sites that was either legitimately earned or paid for. I haven't personally seen that done driving to an Instant Article on FB... that's maybe a terrible idea, though. Regardless, FB has added some functionality to try to make Instant Articles more valuable to pubs in general (which might help make my use case more viable also).


Mobile Apps


Rocket Fuel/IAS Study Finds up to 70 Percent In-Stream Video Ads Misrepresented

Lots of in-stream video is really in banner video... shocking. And while on the topic, can anyone out there name a *single* DR advertiser that buys a lot of web or mobile web in-stream video outside of FB, Snapchat etc..(they must exist, right... I'd genuinely love to hear about this?)? I will forever be amazed by the fact that pubs are able to take what would otherwise likely be conventional banner inventory, run weird, muted video, and sell it for a 5x+ markup.



Product & Design

The Web Looks Like Shit

It's an interesting article although it basically lacks any prescriptions. Since I'm on the topic I think The Outline itself has a cool and unique design, but to me their full page, animated ad content is just as annoying as some of the pop-up practices the author decries.


Examining the Data on Chatbot Retention

For the bots measured by this guy's startup the 30-day retention is 33.4% on FB... note he is using a cumulative retention metric ("we counted users who come back at any point within the 30 days after their initial visit"). Surprising but I bet his data is super concentrated on a few big bots, and I don't know if this reporting is normalized. In spite of all of that it is still 10x better than I expected.

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