Issue 148

June 21, 2017


Liftoff’s 2017 Mobile Shopping Apps Report

The report highlights user acquisition trends for e-commerce apps - including costs and conversion rates - by OS platform, demographics, and geographic region.

Their series of reports are the best benchmarks I've seen for specific app categories. Worth checking out.


Product & Design

Inside the 6 Hypotheses That Doubled Patreon’s Activation Success

A superb interview/piece from Susan at Reforge. I especially enjoyed this because the core thesis is that they had to roll all of their tweaks into a big overhaul of a critical path. Especially at their scale, this is essentially the only way to find a real winner... incremental A/B testing would just taken too long. In a lot of orgs it seems like exactly these sorts of cross-functional initiatives to optimize core user flows are never resourced at all, so big props to the Patreon team for doing this.

As a final plug, I'm actually a Patreon contributor to a podcast and the experience is seamless!

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