Issue 169

November 15, 2017



How Amazon Steers Shoppers to Its Own Products

A great article on Amazon's approach to private label productsI thought this comparison with retail was interesting: “What’s happening on Amazon is different than you see in brick-and-mortar stores,” said Kevin Grundy, an analyst at investment bank Jefferies. “There, private label brands might take slightly more than 10 percent market share. Amazon’s private label brands are taking more than 25 percent of the online market.”


Auto vs. Manual Bidding on Facebook?

This is an interesting take... and I hear different answers to this question all the time. But the argument in this case is that manual bidding is clearly better and "your daily budget should be 25X the bid you have set." I'd love to see them share the results of an actual A/B test running the bidding options in parallel.

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