Issue 181

February 14, 2018

Product & Design


How to Scale Your Facebook Ad Spend From $400k/mo to $1.2 mln/mo

An approach to FB ads by Scentbird, a fragrance company. They committed to a total daily spend minimum/budget and cycled in new ad sets and creatives to fit that budget. I’ve seen that work well myself, more or less.

This approach assumes a mix of broad, LAL, saved audience etc ad sets, rather than the simpler approach with fewer ad sets (ex: all genders 18+) that FB reps usually suggest.




Product & Design


Google’s App Ads Chief on Why Less Is More When It Comes to App Campaigns

Here's the key bit: "I have heard grumbles from some developers that they'd like more control over placements: It's funny to hear people give that feedback now. The reason we did this is because people were saying it was too complicated before. But we're dedicated to listening to the market. That's what drives our product strategy."

Reading between the lines, I assume that means breaking out search with more specificity might be on the future roadmap...


AppsFlyer Performance Index

It's one of the best reports in the industry (for mobile app UA) and it doesn't disappoint this year. Facebook, Google and AppLovin are the global top 3 (obviously).

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