Issue 96

June 22, 2016

Mobile Apps

Product & Design

Mobile UX Design: The Right Ways to Ask Users for Permissions

This post essentially makes the case for permission requests that are primed to some extent or presented in context. It certainly is intuitive that a more thoughtful permissions strategy could be beneficial, but I think there are still a lot of instances where blunt force (ie a push notif permission immediately after open) might still be better in the end.UXPLANET.ORG


Taboola Teams With AppNexus to Sell Native Placements Programmatically

Usually I ignore these sorts of announcements, but in this case I think it is worth being aware that the native networks will very likely increasingly make their inventory available programmatically (as Taboola has as per this announcement) and that it behooves advertisers that buy programmatic display to be in position to buy native inventory as well. At our last conference in Las Vegas,'s CEO made the point that programmatic native in mobile was significantly unpriced due to lack of competition, and I suspect that the same is true of desktop impressions.MARKETINGLAND.COM
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