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Issue 293

May 20, 2020


Playable Ads for User Acquisition + Monetization

This blog post summarizes the findings of a research report sponsored by Facebook (which you can download for free) focused on the use of playable ad formats. They surveyed app developers in the US and China and found MUCH higher adoption of playable formats than I expected: "30% of app developers already routinely buy playable ads to promote their apps, with another 25% experimenting with them". That US number strikes me as high... but, even if it is, there is clearly a massive trend here. Obviously, gaming apps work with playable formats in a way that other app verticals don't. That said, gaming growth teams are almost always on the leading edge of customer acquisition tactics, so it doesn't seem crazy to think that playable/interactive ad formats could start to really matter for non-gaming app verticals. Interactive ad formats have existed on the open web forever, but they were usually sold at a premium and were not really intended for DR. The fact that playables in mobile ARE working for DR leads me to believe that they could become ubiquitous.FACEBOOK.COM

Product & Design

Yes, Websites Really Are Starting to Look More Similar

I've been a part of a million arguments fighting over design/redesign decisions, but not nearly quite as many debates over what content to actually show above the fold. If website design (ESPECIALLY on the mobile web) is largely converging as this article notes perhaps content deserves more attention.THECONVERSATION.COM


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