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      Issue 327

      January 13, 2021


      ORIGINAL CONTENT: YoY Analysis of Facebook Reach Costs+CPCs for a Basket of 10 US Subscription eComm Brands

      I've spent a fair amount of time so far this year doing ad hoc analysis of year-over-year January performance for a handful of subscription ecomm brands. To make sure I wasn't missing any macro trends, I analyzed Facebook campaign data for a basket of North American focused, D2C subscription ecomm clients (10 in total). I pulled data for Jan 1-12, 2020 (Jan 1 was a Wednesday last year) and Jan 1-12, 2021 (Jan 1 was a Friday this year). MTD (Jan 1-12, 2021) spends for these brands range from $100k on the low end to $1m on the high end, but most are in the $300-500k range.BLOG.THESISTESTING.COM

      Tried & True Testing With Andrew Foxwell, Co-Founder, Foxwell Digital

      A brand new course from Foxwell Digital on testing on FB/IG. Andrew wrote "If you’ve ever wanted to determine what works best in an ad account, whether it’s regarding creative, placements, audiences, bidding, or something else, but not known exactly how to execute the test properly, Tried & True Testing is for you. Testing in the ad buying space can get very complicated, very quickly, so we’ve broken out what testing should aim to accomplish, how to set up the test, what to do during the test, and even how to analyze, report on, and communicate the test’s findings afterwards."FOXWELLDIGITAL.COM

      FTC Statement on Tapjoy

      They reached a reasonable settlement, and they really spend most of this statement blasting Apple & Google whose practices are basically totally unrelated to that of Tapjoy.FTC.GOV

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