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You’ve probably heard how TV can be a performance channel. This session dives deep on advanced user acquisition strategies for TV–at scale. Hear how Turo leverages Tatari’s measurement and media buying to meet performance goals and create trust in their platform, at a scale on par or greater than even Facebook or Google. Philip Inghelbrecht[…]

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Want to know what NOT to do when growing your app? This session will run through the most common mistakes made by growth teams today and what you can do to avoid them, offering concrete tips on how to accelerate your app’s growth, from correctly identifying marketability, to understanding incrementally and focusing on the metrics[…]

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Three seasoned UA managers share their war stories and tactical advice for detecting, preventing, and mitigating mobile ad fraud. This is an information-packed workshop that will give you the exact questions to ask, explain which data to dig through, and define the processes to put in place to protect your UA budget against mobile ad[…]

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Connecting the full customer journey across devices and channels remains a dream for many marketers, who often rely on disparate sources for attribution and optimization. In this session, we’ll provide an overview of where AppsFlyer’s People-Based Attribution product fits into the current landscape of cross-device measurement solutions. Get inspired by tangible use cases that you[…]

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