The communities are marketer-only forums for the discussion of techniques, technologies and strategies for user acquisition, retention and monetization. The communities are organized via email-centric Google Groups.

The Mobile Apps Acquisition and Retention group currently includes around 1000 growth-focused marketers across a range of verticals, and our Subscriptions Acquisition & Retention group is for specifically marketers working on subscription-based products.

We’ve also recently added two new groups to our community — one for desktop and mobile web acquisition / retention, and another for Product Managers.

Finally, we now have a Slack channel for all marketers to converse in real time! If you’d like to be added, simply check the box below.

To qualify you must:

  • Work for a consumer-facing brand or app (vendors and agency reps will not be accepted).
  • Work on at least one published app or established brand.
  • Be interested in user / customer acquisition, retention and digital marketing.

To apply, please fill out the form below. You’ll hear from us about your application within a few days of submission.

    Mobile Apps Acquisition & RetentionSubscriptions Acquisition & RetentionProduct Managers

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