2:00pm — 2:30pm

With election hangover, hopefully, in check, it is time to turn our attention to another inescapable force — Father Time. In this case, it is time to focus our attention on not just the year that’s almost in the books, but the one ahead. This panel will prognosticate on the major green eld growth opportunities (both paid and organic, yes, organic) for 2017 and beyond. They will cover paid channels like Snapchat, and Pinterest, the real potential of messaging apps, and how some of the core channels (ex: paid FB, SEO) might evolve further.

Barron Ernst, CPO @ ShowMax, a Naspers Company
Aurelie Guerrieri, Chief Growth Officer @ Akila One
Josh Lu, Sr. Director of Product, Growth @ Zynga
Casey Winters, Growth Advisor

Moderated by:
Andrew Chen, Growth @ Uber

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