Thursday, May 5
Acquisition Breakout Session — 10:20am – 10:40am

Let’s get down to brass tacks: If you want more users then your acquisition costs will increase. This creates a shift from a low average cost to a potentially high marginal cost. Historically, there’s been no way around it. However, If we start to change our thinking from only focusing on today’s results to thinking about the users of tomorrow, then we can create scale without experiencing the same efficiency tradeoff. Our data has shown us that users exposed to rich, engaging content (such as video) makes them easier to acquire through other sources down the line. In this session, Fetch will share exclusive learnings from our data dashboard, Fetchme, and explain how to use data to prime behaviors in mobile video and TV to drive tomorrow’s users, while also hitting today’s targets.

Tim Villanueva, Head of Media Partnerships @ Fetch
Dan Wilson, Head of Data @ Fetch

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