Issue 174

December 20, 2017


Mobile Fraud: Marketers’ Massive Hidden Threat [Forrester Study]

This is a Forrester survey in partnership with Appsflyer taking a look at fraud. Ultimately, it makes a reasonably strong case for taking proactive measures on the fraud front, which is reasonable. It does require a form-fill to get the full report.

Fraud is definitely important, but I think another, related question deserves exploration/study: For non-FB / non-Google programmatic display spend, what % of attributed installs (based on finger printing, etc.) are coming from what were essentially mis-clicks on the creatives themselves?

I'd love to see a programmatic campaign run against a true control to understand what sort of click-to-install attribution the control can claim. If anyone has run that test please share the results with us!


URL Parameters on Facebook

Hat tip to Colette from Lightning AI for catching this. It's basically an easier way to get campaign/ad set/ad level data in a structured syntax into GA params (or other reporting systems). I hadn't seen it before... but maybe it's always existed??


App and Game Developers Have Only 60 Days to Comply with the New Google Play User Privacy Guidelines

"If the app indeed handles personal user data or device data for the original purpose of the app, it will require the app to prompt users and provide its own privacy policy in the app. Otherwise, the app must highlight how the user data will be used and get user consent for such use."

This seems like a relatively big deal... especially as "Google will show a warning on apps or websites that collect private data without getting the user's consent."

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