Issue 180

February 7, 2018


1% of Publishers Initially Affected by Chrome Ad Blocker

Google shared this data with Axios in advance of the launch of the Chrome ad blocker. Notably they reference Forbes as having been in violation... which could mean that the horrendous Forbes redirect will go away, which will make driving traffic to earned stories on Forbes much more viable.


Liftoff’s 2018 Dating Report (Not Gated / No Form)

I generally think dating app/site benchmarks are interesting as I think the dating category (like gaming) has a history of being more innovative in terms of direct response / online marketing in general.

In this case Liftoff has graciously shared their un-gated report on dating apps. The highlight for me is the $189 per paid sub number...


Good Product Team / Bad Product Team

Though I've only met him briefly in the context of our events, I think Justin is one of the more brilliant PMs I've listened to. In this post he describes what separates good & bad product teams based on his experiences at Amplitude.

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