Issue 194

May 23, 2018


Optimize Facebook Dynamic Product Ads the Right Way

A solid post by Andrew Foxwell that lightly upsells to a new training course they are selling on His point about controlling frequency is a good one as these dynamic ad sets can get out of control. I like his rule of thumb of "no more than seven impressions over a seven-day period (1X per day)."


The Next Big TV Tech Platform: Roku

A few highlights: "The company is expected to bring in more ad revenue by 2020 than rival Hulu", "Roku typically doesn't sell advertising through an open exchange (open bidding system)... but it does use programmatic infrastructure to digitally target those ads," and their "free channel, which syndicates content from other networks, is currently the third most-watched ad-supported channel on Roku".


Pixite Quadruples Revenue With Help From Braavo

This is a case study from Braavo, which is a factoring/capital solution for mobile apps. In this case a coloring book app scaled paid UA off thanks to the factoring line/cash from Braavo. I've included this because I think this type of funding is an interesting trend in mobile and I wonder if it could become more common in other consumer verticals (ex: D2C ecomm) as the availability of VC $ tightens.


How Much Is Too Much? Faceted Navigation and SEO

This is a post about how to avoid having too many really thin, faceted search result pages getting indexed by Google. It's a tricky thing to deal with particularly when there are lots of products and lots of filters. He has some good rules of thumb in here too which are helpful.


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