Issue 222

December 12, 2018


Savvy Performance Marketers Make Bank When They Scale Their Ad Partnerships

The point of this article is that "savvy" mobile app advertisers use many channels in parallel which is... pretty obvious. That said, Eric Seufert (N3twork) has a couple cool quotes, namely: "N3twork, for instance, uses an in-house tool called Draper that automates the production of video creative. N3twork creates 50 different videos a week, runs tests on each and every one and then puts a ton of budget behind the best-performing ones."ADEXCHANGER.COM

Growth Training by Bell Curve

Here is their pitch: "Instead of searching for senior growth marketers to hire, empower your existing team to be better at growth. That's what Bell Curve Training does: It shares the playbook behind how Bell Curve — the agency that's grown some of the largest ecommerce and B2B SaaS companies — does growth effectively." I recently met Julian, one of the three partners behind the course, and I came away from that conversation entirely convinced that their new training program would be money well spent.BELLCURVE.COM
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