Issue 247

June 26, 2019


Ro’s VP of Growth Will Flaherty: ‘There’s No Silver Bullet for Attribution’

Friend of the newsletter and friend of mine Will Flaherty on attribution and more. He couldn't be more right about this bit in particular: "In the digital ecosystem, you’re seeing much more of an emergence of very scientific AB testing of creative assets and feeding that into the design process. We’re getting pretty close on our end — producing assets in-house and creating a second cut, third cut, fourth cut of assets that have baked into them the learnings from earlier testing. Closing that feedback loop and doing that well — it’s a difficult process to do, it requires cross-functional coordination."MODERNRETAIL.COM

It’s Time to Retire the LTV Metric

I missed this article from Eric when it was published a few weeks ago, but I fully endorse the gist of it. The title is a bit sensationalist, but the main thrust here is that payback period is a more useful metric. That's especially true as I often hear people use "LTV" to actually describe a 1-year value which just makes things even more confusing.

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