Issue 256

August 28, 2019


As DTC Brands Mature, Private Equity Takes on an Increasingly Important Role

This article is a bit dull, but I included it because I loved this anecdote: "Kevin Lavelle, the former CEO of Mizzen + Main, told Digiday in April that his company decided to take on private equity funding from L Catterton instead of venture funding after speaking to one venture capitalist who declined to invest in his company because “she couldn’t see how we could [make] 10 times our revenue over the next 12-18 months.” “She was absolutely right. There’s no way we could do that,” Lavelle added. “I know of a lot of founders who ended up losing control of their company because they were chasing wild growth [due to VC pressure]."MODERNRETAIL.CO

Product & Design

The (Real) Impact of A/B Testing and Personalization on SEO

If you are displaying a dynamic experience based on past browsing behavior it's hard to image that the Google Bot will ever get to crawl that specific experience. Evidently, that still doesn't count as cloaking as you aren't explicitly avoiding the Google Bot... but seems to be effectively the same end result.DYNAMICYIELD.COM
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