Issue 265

October 30, 2019


Speak at MAU 2020!

MAU next year should be bigger and better than ever. We are expanding our focused content on eCommerce and Gaming as well adding a dedicated monetization track for pubs of all shapes and sizes. As always, our goal is for the agenda to feature content that's actually useful... we do whatever we can to avoid vapid presentations (ex: "We focus on customer centricity etc etc"). If you are in a growth, product, or retention role and are interested in sharing an interesting experiment or test you've run then we'd absolutely love to have you. Generally, the presentations (and a few panels too) are short and to the point (15-20mins in length). If you are interested, please let me know directly ( or fill out our form!MAUVEGAS.COM


Purging to Prevent Spamtraps

"There are many good reasons to stop emailing addresses that don’t engage. Few of those reasons are specific to spam traps." This restates a classic (and true) refrain in the delivery world: Don't fixate on spam traps and instead focus on reputation in general, and by doing so the spam traps will be taken care of.WORDTOTHEWISE.COM
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