Issue 274

January 8, 2020


Why Honey’s Massive $4 Billion PayPal Deal Marks the Official Start of the Commerce Era

A really informed and interesting take from the Mike Jaconi, the CEO of Button. My only reservation about Honey, Slickdeals, iBotta etc. is that I've *never* seen any incrementality reporting or studies done to show that these "channels" are actually accretive for the end advertiser. I think if that sort of analysis was more readily available a lot of the affiliate payouts would be much, much lower.BUSINESSINSIDER.COM

Your Digital Detox May Be Toxic for Advertising

"A new study that tracked how 2,444 Americans used their mobile devices over 14 months backs up the general sense of tech fatigue. It found that 64 percent of participants scaled back their app use during the time they were tracked, spending four hours a day on apps, down from five at the start of the study."NYTIMES.COM

WTF Is Chrome’s SameSite Cookie Update?

As this article notes, this change isn't nearly as disastrous for the advertising industry as some of the moves by Safari & Firefox, but if this is a sign of things to come then it could be problematic. Odds are that Google above all others will take a more advertising friendly approach, though.DIGIDAY.COM


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