Issue 277

January 29, 2020


Google’s Latest Measurement Restrictions Will Make Life Harder for Mobile Marketers

"The new restrictions mean iOS app installs that were driven by search traffic on Apple devices can no longer be reported by third parties. As a result, advertisers that want to promote an app will no longer be able to use an app attribution provider, or AAP, to verify which source of mobile search traffic generated a return on investment." I've asked a few friends on the measurement side if they might chime in on this soon, as well.ADWEEK.COM

Google’s Researchers on Privacy Holes in ITC

It's fascinating to me to see parts of two of the largest players in the advertising ecosystem (Apple + Google) working so diligently & collaboratively to significantly constrain the advertising ecosystem (with real privacy benefits for consumers as well, for the record).TWITTER.COM

Product & Design

There’s Been a Nearly 70% Decline in Always-on Location Data, Since iOS 13 Rollout

"If background and high-quality location data become less available over time, according to Location Sciences, this will “ripple through media delivery, personalized ad experience, audience segmentation and most importantly location analytics.” The company says that high-quality location data (or marketing supported by it) will likely cost more in the future." Does this really matter for performance advertisers? Probably not... I think?MARKETINGLAND.COM
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