Issue 278

February 5, 2020


The End of SEO Should Scare Mobile ASO Devotees

Eric is spot on. Companies that rely primarily on organic search rather than paid are generally hailed as exemplary... until Google swallows back all of their volume. With the exception of basic ads in the app stores that dynamic hasn't yet played out in the ASO world but I whole heartedly agree with Eric that it likely will.MOBILEDEVMEMO.COM

A Script to Approximate Normal Keyword Targeting for Google Shopping

This is really quite clever. Essentially you take a list of keywords (presumably those you buy via normal search campaigns) and it bumps that list against your Shopping campaigns' search terms lists. In the end it gives you back negative keywords you can add to your campaigns. It effectively approximates normal keyword match types but on Shopping campaigns... It's worth noting if you use Smart Shopping campaigns they don't expose *ANY* search term data.BRAINLABSDIGITAL.COM
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