Issue 290

April 29, 2020


Introducing Thesis!

I'm very pleased to introduce Thesis, a conversion rate optimization company I founded roughly 2 years ago. Today we are a team of 34, and we're proud to work with a number of growth marketing teams & agencies on landing page optimization and more. If you are curious please check this post out as I'd love to get your feedback.BLOG.THESISTESTING.COM

Singular Is Free for 6 Months!

Singular is offering SMB advertisers access to their platform for free for 6 months with no commitments. It's an extremely generous offer and it's definitely worth playing with!SINGULAR.NET

One of the Larger Push Notification Ad Networks

For affiliate marketers push is still a massive traffic source. I know very few direct advertisers run these sorts of campaigns, but I thought some of you might be interested to at least read about what many of your affiliates are doing on your behalf.RICHPUSH.COM

How Zynga Executed Its Stunning Turnaround

A really great article from Eric Seufert on Zynga's great run. As someone who used to work at a Facebook canvas focused application company like Zynga, it's truly remarkably to see how they've continued to thrive across so many different platforms.MOBILEDEVMEMO.COM

MDM Academy: 25% Off

Speaking of Eric, he has a number of upcoming courses in his academy and he created a 25% discount code for the list (it's MAU25MDMA). Check it out - he's brought in some great presenters/teachers.MDM.ACADEMY
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