Issue 292

May 13, 2020


IDFA Deprecation? It May Not Be Long

Meanwhile, David Philippson of Dataseat thinks the IDFA is definitely doomed, but that SKAdNetwork might be solution moving forward. I'm genuinely curious what would happen to the MMPs if that were to happen.ADEXCHANGER.COM

COVID-19 Impact on Video Creative & Performance

Another useful COVID focused data summary, this time from QuickFrame. They show the CPM and CTR impacts across their client base, and they have some interesting callouts about the number of actors used per creative which I haven’t seen measured before (ads containing "no people" are on the rise, of course!).COVID19.QUICKFRAME.COM

The Latest Big Transparency Report Again Shows (Programmatic) Ad Tech Is a Mess

"PwC examined log-file data on 267 million impressions traded between 15 large advertisers, eight agencies, five demand-side platforms and 12 premium publishers. Despite the researchers’ best efforts, only 12% of the impressions (31 million, or 290 chains) could actually be traced." As if we needed any more evidence that programmatic display is a disaster.DIGIDAY.COM
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