Issue 308

September 2, 2020


Algorithmically Incorrect: The Lies Big Tech Tells Advertisers

"Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and the Google Display Network ad buying algorithms do not care about incrementality." That's definitely true, but his argument that programmatic display is generally more accommodating for this sort of thing is not at all consistent with my experience. In talking to my own TradeDesk reps their functionality to run an incrementality test on a network like Triplelift was extremely rudimentary. Even better, just the other day in an email exchange with a very friendly programmatic display rep I responded yes, we’d love to test their inventory but that we’d need to be able to run an incrementality test from day 1 and the immediate response I received was “I don’t think [redacted] would be the right fit for that scenario.”ADEXCHANGER.COM

How Onsite Publishing Impacts Sellers (Especially on Amazon)

I met this team last week and they were the first folks I've ever spoken to that could add insight on the editorial content that Amazon is pulling into their own SERPs + a perspective on how to influence that content. It's a hugely consequential topic for Amazon sellers but these guys are the first I've ever seen write about it. I expect they will be writing more and if anyone is curious I’m happy to connect you with them.HBWCOMMERCE.COM

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