Issue 317

November 4, 2020


Notable Improvements To The FB Ads Library

I just noticed this week that they've added an age and gender breakdown, a regional breakdown, and an estimated amount spent on each ad's detail page liked from the ads library. Pretty useful! You should see the graphs when you click the Ad Details button on any ad indexed in the Ads Library.IMGUR.COM

Technical Guide To Facebook Creative

Useful thoughts on FB creative testing. The core suggestion here is to test creative by "rotating the challenger ad into an ad set with other incumbent ads" as opposed to using "A/B testing" (ex: dedicated ad sets), which is generally consistent with FB rep dogma these days. As a bonus, this is very well written!BREAKTHROUGH.SUBSTACK.COM

Bidalgo’s Creative Insights Report From 2020

There are a few solid data points in here, but the video length table jumped out to me. They looked at CTR/eCVR/D7 ROAS by video length which *basically* suggests 10 - 14 seconds as the optimal length (fyi I think it's safe to assume that this data includes a lot of gaming apps, and I think it would be cool to see the same results segmented by category).BIDALGO.COM

Why LTV Is Essential for UA, and D7 ROAS Should Be Retired

Basic gist here is that D7 may be an overly simplistic measure, but as this post makes clear pLTV models can also be kind of tricky. I think it's also worth noting that one fundamental problem with pLTV modeling is that it's often (though not always) predicated on making a simple assumption about last touch attribution (ex: source=X has a CAC of $2 and a pLTV of $3 when in fact source=X+Y+Z).ALGOLIFT.COM

California’s ‘CCPA 2.0’ Is Probably Going To Pass, Here’s What Changes

"CPRA slightly changes who is a covered “business” and thus who must comply. In some cases, it expands coverage and in one specific instance, exempts more small businesses. To be a covered business under CPRA, one of the following must be present... Buys, sells or shares the PI of more than 100,00 California consumers/households. Devices no longer count. The third bullet is the major change, upping the number of consumers/households from 50,000 under CCPA. This means that more small businesses will be outside the scope of CPRA. However, as mentioned, CCPA with its lower threshold would still apply until 2023." As of this writing it looks like this will pass (albeit with a small majority) so this is something to look forward to in 2023.SEARCHENGINELAND.COM
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