Issue 324

December 23, 2020


Understanding Facebook’s Updated iOS14 Advertising Guidance

"28-day click-through, 28-day view-through, and 7-day view-through attribution windows are being deprecated. Data for some attribution windows will be modeled." This really surprised me for web campaigns, especially as 99% of the D2C brands I talk to have adopted Facebook default attribution (28-click + 1-day view) as their gold standard.MOBILEDEVMEMO.COM

2021 Predictions for Mobile Marketing

And once again from Eric and friends a list of 2020 predictions. Props to Eric for making massive calls... including a 50% drop in D2C spend and app spend on iOS down 30-40%. If he is right that would create a massive hole in FB's revenue (not to mention every other company currently reliant on D2C + app advertisers).MOBILEDEVMEMO.COM
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