Issue 329

January 27, 2021


ORIGINAL CONTENT: How 15 Brands Are Being Impacted by Facebook’s New Default Attribution Window

Heather from Thesis looked at historical FB attribution data for a basket ecommerce brands to understand how their 28-day click + 1-day view attribution numbers compared to Facebook's new, shorter windows. She found that switching from 28-day click + 1-day view to 7-day click + 1-day view increased CACs by 15% on average and switching from 28-day click + 1-day view to 7-day click (Facebook's new default attribution window) increased CACs by 83% on average.BLOG.THESISTESTING.COM

Brand vs Non Brand SEO

Definitely a smart take to look at brand & non-brand separately. 99% of SEO analyses I've ever seen just jumped everything together which Eli makes clear is probably not a great idea.ELISCHWARTZ.CO


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