Issue 336

March 17, 2021


You Can Exclude Brand Terms From Google’s Smart Shopping Campaigns!?

I learned this week from one of our team members (in consultation with a Google Rep) that you can exclude branded terms from Smart Shopping campaigns. I can't find anything online that suggests that it's true but this rep was very clear that it's possible and that it has to be done by a rep on their end. I just wanted to share that as it addresses my number one problem with Smart Shopping!SUPPORT.GOOGLE.COM

The Ideal vs Reality of ConversionValue Implementation in MMPs

An excellent summary of approaches to handling ConversionValue. As an aside, it's so insane to me that an entire industry is having to create mapping from scratch from a 6 bit value. They could easily have provided 4 or 5 distinct fields and had exactly the same level of "privacy protection".APPSUMER.IO

Google’s Tracking Changes Could Be Painful for Marketers Forced To Break Their Retargeting and Lookalike Addictions

"Google’s decision to kill off third-party cookies in its popular Chrome browser was already going to have a big impact on how advertisers do retargeting and lookalike modeling, said Nii Ahene, chief strategy officer at Tinuiti, which manages ad campaigns on Google and other platforms for advertisers. “The diminishing efficacy of lookalikes is probably the most misunderstood aspect of all of these changes,” he said." I think he is spot on that the lookalike part of this equation is the biggest question mark. If lookalikes/similar audiences suddenly are dramatically less effective it really could be meaningful for performance advertisers. Perhaps naively I suspect that LALs will still hold up and be just as effective... The other point in this article is that more spend will likely flow to search which I completely agree with.DIGIDAY.COM
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