Issue 337

March 24, 2021


ORIGINAL CONTENT: Comparing Google Analytics Last Click Transaction Reporting vs Facebook Purchase Reporting for a Basket of 8 DTC Brands

I work with a number of companies that still look at performance in terms of last click Google Analytics attribution. Like every other online advertiser, we see massive differences between what Google Analytics records on a last click basis and what Facebook's pixel reports, even when using a 1-day click attribution window. I was wondering if there might be consistent FB vs GA discrepancies so I compared that data for 8, US focused DTC brands.BLOG.THESISTESTING.COM

RIP Lift Tests on FB

This is NOT new news, but I had missed it amongst all of the scramble around iOS14. Long story short: "A/B tests with a holdout and Holdout tests in the Experiments tool will no longer be available once Apple begins enforcing its new iOS 14 requirements." That is REALLY a shame, as those lift tests were extremely instructive. FB deserves a lot of credit for making that sort of functionality readily available in the first place. It was very much a "put your money where your mouth is" sort of thing for an ad network to do.FACEBOOK.COM

WTF Can Advertisers Actually Do With First-Party Data in Google’s Privacy Sandbox?

"Google says it wants to stop individual-level targeting of people across the web after it disables third-party cookies. And, there are only certain ways the company will allow advertisers to use their first-party data for individual-level targeting once its plans go into effect. They’ll still be able to do individual-level targeting and campaign measurement inside Google-owned inventory, such as in search and YouTube, by matching their first-party data to Google’s first-party data, for example. Google, as the publisher of properties including Google Search and YouTube, considers its own user login data to be its first-party data." So just to be clear, it's not privacy friendly for an advertiser to run an ad on network X and then track conversions on their website using a pixel (via third party cookies), but it is privacy friendly for an advertiser to run an ad on Google's ad network and then track conversions on their website by uploading their first party data to Google's ad network and matching it with Google's first party data. Got it.DIGIDAY.COM

The SKAdnetwork Map by Admiral Media

Great works from these guys to track down all of the guidance from the major platforms. As an aside, I still don't understand how some of the platforms are having to kill view through attribution and others aren't.ADMIRAL.MEDIA

How QVC Is Changing the DTC Marketing Playbook

Great article. "Matt Scanlan, CEO of cashmere brand Naadam, said that his company typically sells between $100,000 and $250,000 worth of goods in a five- to ten-minute spot on QVC. His company was first featured on QVC on 2019, and since then, Scanlan estimated he has been featured on QVC “hundreds” of times, through a combination of live and repeat segments."MODERNRETAIL.CO

Product & Design

Three’s Company

"Today, 41 of the top 100 grossing U.S. games in the iOS App Store fall into one of these categories: (1) Slots, (2) Match-3, or (3) Merge. This begs the question, then, why are we seemingly obsessed with the number three?"MEDIUM.COM
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