Issue 339

April 7, 2021


DTC Briefing: How Harry’s Is Building Its Portfolio of Brands

"Katz-Mayfield said that Harry’s would also be looking to acquire brands where the company thinks that it can add value in at least one of three areas, based on Harry’s experiences: growing its direct-to-consumer channel, launching into retail and helping startups think through what new products it makes sense to launch under their existing brand name as they expand." Where is a DTAC SPAC when you need one!?MODERNRETAIL.CO

IDFA Loss Will Kill A/B Creative Testing

"It will therefore be difficult to justify burning many of those slots for creative testing. With limited testing slots, and more opaque creative-level reporting, the demand for creative will quickly shift creative strategy from small changes to completely new concepts, which could take far longer to conceive and execute."ADEXCHANGER.COM

‘We Spiraled It Into an Actual Content Machine’: Inside a Shoe Company’s Influencer Strategy

"Dubbed the Advocates of Capture program, it could be likened to an in-house creative agency, in which about a dozen creators and influencers are tasked with regularly creating content to support Reef’s marketing channels including across social media, and newsletters. It’s a move that has slashed production costs by a third, according to Jen Wilson, senior director of brand marketing at Reef."chmarks/). Maybe they are using a different approach to the retention calculation?DIGIDAY.COM
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