Issue 356

August 5, 2021


ORIGINAL CONTENT: FB Ad Account Structure Analysis for 12 Accounts at Scale

To this day, I regularly read in Facebook Groups/Blogs/Slack Channels/D2C Twitter/Linkedin anecdotes that start with: “What’s working now on FB is…”. Usually those anecdotes are focused on audience targeting (ex: “You must try this LAL audience stack”) and bidding (ex: “Cost Caps are working best right now”). Lately, there has been even more conjecture about how audience targeting has changed as a result of Apple’s iOS14.5 rollout (one common and intuitive position is that LAL targeting is less efficacious and so interest targeting is more important as a result). The best way I could think of to share what I’m actually seeing in the Facebook/Instagram universe was to do an aggregate analysis of a handful of ad accounts based on very recent data.THESISTESTING.COM

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