Issue 365

October 8, 2021


ORIGINAL CONTENT: Creative Testing Methodology: How Thesis Tests Creatives on FB/IG at Scale

I have the opportunity to audit/interact with 100s of FB ad accounts every year run by internal teams, other growth agencies, creative agencies, and my own team at Thesis. Most of those teams (Thesis included) use a relatively consistent approach to creative testing that doesn't exactly jive with what the Facebook Help docs suggest. In this blog post we outlined exactly how and why we test creatives in this manner. The amazing author of this post (Dara Denney) also recorded a YouTube video on the same topic ->

Criteo’s FLoC Tests Confirm There’s Way More Work Before It’s Ready for Prime Time

"There are three main issues with FLoCs as they stand and with the testing that’s been conducted thus far. One, the experiments did not yield proof of performance anywhere near that of third-party cookie-based solutions – and definitely nothing near Google’s claim that “advertisers can expect to see at least 95% of the conversions per dollar spent when compared to cookie-based advertising."ADEXCHANGER.COM
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