Issue 367

October 22, 2021


“@Apple’s Advertising Business Has More Than Tripled Its Market Share in the Six Months”

"Search Ads now drives 58% of all iOS app installations that can be tied back to paid ads, according to @Branch, whose basket of data comprises 250 major apps including BuzzFeed, Instacart, Strava and Starbucks. That’s more than three times its 17% share a year ago". Ok so this is a LITTLE confusing... but basically they are saying that attributable installs as a percentage of total installs have fallen off a cliff (true!) and that Apple's share of attributable installs have skyrocketed. That is 100% spot on.TWITTER.COM

How iOS 14 Impacted Mobile Advertising

Kochava's data confirms this... and a bit more clearly too. Unattributed installs have grown from 60% of total installs (which, by the way, is a LOT!) to 90% of total installs. But of those attributable installs Apple's search ads shares has increased dramatically.KOCHAVA.COM

Facebook: Continued Improvements to Ad Performance and Measurement

"We will enable view-through conversion attribution for iOS 14+ Mobile App Install campaigns that rely on data received from Apple's SKAdNetwork (SKAN) API for measurement of conversion events in our reporting surfaces." I don't think this is going to optional so I think SKAN campaigns' performance will just start to look better in FB's UI very soon?FACEBOOK.COM

It’s Time for Publishers To Be More Transparent About Ad Refreshing

So much of the programmatic display ecosystem remains a complete joke. This is a very reasonable article from someone at GumGum trying to police ad refreshing tactics by publishers. The fact that the following has to even be labelled a "best practice" really demonstrates how utterly worthless these impressions are in the first place: "Ads should never be refreshed if: A user is in a separate tab from which the ad appears". THAT is a best practice? That's a loooow bar.ADEXCHANGER.COM
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