Issue 370

November 12, 2021


Facebook Ads, iOS 14 Changes & Ecommerce Data: How Apple’s ATT & IDFA Update Affects Advertising

This is an excellent piece, particularly because he shares MER numbers. Their data suggests that FB attributed ROAS has gotten worse according to FB post iOS 14.5 but that MER has actually gotten better. That does not at all jive with my experience... but I suspect that's in part because of the types of businesses this data set is based on. The average account in this data set is spending $15k per week in 2021 which is relatively modest. It does make some sense that those sorts of brands would be less impacted. Huge kudos to the CTC for putting this all together.COMMONTHREADCO.COM

Winc S1

"Our disciplined approach has allowed us to achieve an average LTV/CAC ratio of in excess of 3.0x when observing the 2014-2016 cohorts, which provides data to calculate this on a 5-year historical basis. Furthermore, on a nearly 5-year historical basis, our 2017 cohort has demonstrated an LTV/CAC ratio in excess of 4.0x to date, as of May 1, 2021. More recently, consumers in our 2020 cohort have already demonstrated a return of 2.3x LTV/CAC in the first year since consumer acquisition and 2.6x on a fully-aged basis, as of May 1, 2021."SEC.GOV

Add Store Sales to Your Smart Bidding To Grow Online and In-Store Sales

"Now, retail and restaurant advertisers can use Smart Bidding for store sales to optimize bids for in-store transactions, not just visits. For example, advertisers can upload their first-party, transaction data in a privacy-safe way to optimize for store sales conversions for Search and Shopping campaigns—with the goal of driving additional sales in stores." This coupled with an incrementality test could actually be pretty legit.SUPPORT.GOOGLE.COM

Product & Design

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